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  RECENT TOURS:  12-31-2008
From the first moment of entering the Valley of Fire, you're at graced with unusual rock formations.


Today, we headed over to one area, where legend has it that an Indian named Mouse that created problems for the settler's. Some say Mouse wasn't a trouble maker but he was feared and hated among his native Indian tribe.

One of many stories about him came to pass from George Bonelli, a merchant and rancher, employed Mouse as a hand on a ferry that crossed the Colorado River. Mousse became drunk and shot up an Indian camp with his pistol. Bonelli and his men disarmed him and locked him up for the evening. He was fired from his job and ferried across the river to Arizona. There he reportedly killed two prospectors.

Don't worry, the only shooting going on these days is by photographers.

Several intensive searches were conducted for Mouse, but he successfully eluded capture. It was during these hunts he supposedly used the Valley of Fire as his hideout. It is here that he would sometimes use a holding tank, a crevice of rock for his water supply. It is very well hidden on the floor of a canyon and is a favorite place for park visitors.

It is a place of rugged terrain but walkable.

Could you run?

A Not-So-Good part of the trail...

It's further reported that on July 6, 1987 Mouse was reported to have raided a garden of an Indian woman. A posse formed and tracked him down through the Valley of Fire. On the morning of July 11 they sighted Mouse near a spring and asked him to surrender. Mouse resisted the posse, returned fire and after an hour of gun-battle was shot and killed.

Hold on! This may be him...

A ways down the trail, ...

Would You Enjoy Seeing This?

Lots of Photography...

Words cannot express what we behold, which makes us feel very small and part of something special...

We would enjoy sharing it with you... - The Bee Hives

The Cabins happen to be a favorite place of our visit. We never let them go and are very easy to miss along the path of the day. I assume the fact that not many people are ever there that it must be the reason, is they can't find them.

Elephant Rock at the Valley of Fire

With legs like that, he may be standing there a while...

We had a great time! Next...


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