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Gary Long - Las Vegas Motorcycle Tours



The Busa Brothers Joined us for a day at the Valley of Fire - Clifton & Manny on a couple of sweet 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa's. They had been coming here for years and didn't know about the ride we took them on.

Wonder why Ania is Eye-Balling this black beauty? She must be getting tired of her
twin already? Nah... couldn't be.


The Busa Brothers!


Manny takes a hike after a bite to eat. Someone shouted, "he's accident prone", but
he made it back ok.


What's all the fuss about? I thought people would be more interested in the
Valley of Fire, but it turns out it's my under-the-seat cargo they liked...


This just happens to be a tire package that I couldn't imagine being without. An electric air pump, along with a tire kit could come in handy...


A bite to eat along the way. I happened to carry a seat box, but back-packs work
as well. Clifton is getting his shot of wheat something...


Here is the start of a nice set of turns and beauty!


Nice Roads on Valley of Fire Guided Motorcycle Tours!


Which, as you can see we are enjoying...


Nice Areas of the Tour along the Seven Sisters...


It was a great day at the Valley of Fire, lets head for North Shores ...

Off we go, lets see if the Busa Brothers can catch me.

Watch out for 2 killer pot holes around here...

Note: On the way out I happened to notice one of the Busa Brothers lighting up his
tires at about 70mph, cool. We do not, however, encourage racing, stunt riding,
wheelies, burn-outs, stoppies or any other activity that would endanger the group.


From a different Trip - Look at that background of desert! No Talk, No Noise Just Quite.


You may be wondering what that gadget is on the gas tank. This is called a Flip,
which we were giving a try for videos. The problem came about, in that we could
not get our video off the darn thing, after hours of trying. We had to completely
re-shoot our videos on another day. We sent it back. If they would ever fix this
problem, I'd like to have another one. When videos get to be about 20 minutes
long, they are around 400mb in size and couldn't get them off this device for
nothing. We tried four different PC's with Vista and XP but to no avail. Not much of
a review, but it wasn't a sponsored item either. I can't stand junk and that is what
the Flip video recorder is, JUNK...

Your Vegas Valley Tour Guide Operators


More Staring... I'm really getting nervous about this admiration,
I've seen this look before on my Brides face. I thought I heard her mention some
words like, "I wouldn't mind having a Busa". - Someday my darling ...
Hayabusa's 2007 - Las Vegas

Here you go my love! I know how much you are enjoying it.

Mount Charleston on Hayabusa's




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